What is the Dairy Block? Denver’s Hottest Spot for Restaurants and Shopping

What is the Dairy Block? We decided to take a first-hand look and see what this hot new area has to offer the growing Denver community!

*Hint – The secret of the Dairy Block has something to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger and milk…(or does it?)*

Some cool things that we found out:

·        Businesses in this district are using the alleyways to maximize space for their business – SMART!

·        There are tons of different business types here, from apartment buildings to restaurants.

·        Most of these businesses are small businesses with great stories about how they came to be.

·        Many of the businesses, especially the coffee shops and restaurants, offer great spots for dates, business meetings, and more.

·         No one quite knows the true story about the Dairy Block

Next time, we’re getting Will on a scooter, so stay tuned! And if you know any cool insider secrets about the Dairy Block Conspiracy, be sure to comment and fill us all in!

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